Monday, March 30, 2009

Good news for Non-diver & DIVER!!!

SWV had it own 1st & only Transparent Kayaks in SABAH!!

From the said kayak can easy view through the beauty of Reefs below!!

Above & below pictures shown how clear view on the Coral Reefs through the kayak!!

Cool!! Isn't it very clear view?!

Above & below pictures taken from underwater on the kayak at surface!!

This is boatman, Abdullah on the Transperant Kayak!!
All boatmen can help anyones want to ride on the said kayak!!
The rental charge per kayak is RM15 half hour & RM30 an hour!!
Come Let's Try Out this COOL Kayak!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What's has happen this week?!!

On 28th Mar 60 Earth Hour!!
Please support this event by switch off the light for an hour!!
Rika san still teaching the Junior Open water course!!

Resort wasn't that busy.......

We have Malaysian, Italian, Japanese, American and China!!

We are under replace the old schedule board!!

Why every staffs here?! They are attend meeting chair by Jimmy the Dive Manager!!

The new transperant kayak place up here!!

This week will finish of the repair work at Dive Center!!

New Schedule Board will soon be done!!
Dive guides & Boatmen help lots on the under repair works!!

Here to show some new woods already been replace!!

This just a temporary shower area while during the under repair works!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dive Center under repair!!!

This 4 ladies just completed the PADI Discover Scuba Diving conducted by Rika san & Assistant by Niger!!
Congratulation! Please do take up the Open Water course and be listed in the PADI Member as Open Water Diver!!

Rika san teaching small kid, Diana Dee PADI Junior Open Water!!

Lots of old woods taken out & replace new!!

Boatman also help to paint the whole Dive center!!

Hope to finish all work within this week!!

Dive Guides also help for fast progress the works!!
We apologized for the inconvenience of the under repair had caused!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ciao Ciao Scuba & Sail!!!

We had group of member Scuba & Sail Adventures from Reggio Emilia, Italy recently visit in SWV!! Today finito diving!!

Here the group photo of member Scuba & Sail with SWV Dive guides!!
We thank you from our bottom of our's heart and miss you all!!
Hope to see you next in big group!!
Take care & God Bless!!
Grazie!! Ciao Ciao!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are we busy last & this weekend?!!

Sorry! Last week was bit of busy in Dive Center & the internet connection wasn't that good!! Here shown the guest coming and welcome by our friendly smiling staffs!!

Dive center was under repair construction to move out old woods, paint the wall & change the water-pipe!!
SORRY for the inconvenience caused!!

We had taken out the Scubazoo counter for more ample space of sitting!! Don't worry! SCUBAZOO still here with us!!

Alex's God parents and sister Caroline & her husby VK. Liew has recently visit here in Mabul!!
Guided walk round the Island & view local life style!!

We had the early morning depart dive at Sipadan!!

After the early morning Sipadan dive will back to Dive Center for Breakfast!!

Look at this young Japanese ladies so happy after the early morning dive!! After breakfast can back to sleep or continue for self dive at House Reefs!!

We also had local divers from Tawau to visit!!

Non-divers join our boat snorkelling trip!!

After back from snorkelling have a Tea-break!!

After Tea-break try out our newly transparent kayak!!

It can see through from the kayak to view the beauty below the seawater!!

It's a 2 person seated & our staffs can help paddle to show around the beauty of Underwater World!!

Our staffs help to get in & out from the transparent Kayak!!

Look who was here this weekend?!!
She here diving together with her Japanese friends visited in SWV!!
Ops! Now come to departure after staying with us!!
Here our staffs waving goodbye & saying "See You Again!!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Images of Olympus C8080!!!

Ornate Ghostpipefish!!
Dwarf Lionfish!!

Young Painted Sweetlips!!

Marbled Rock Cod!!

Young Star Puffer!!
Juv. Little Dragonfish!!

Face to face with Longhorn Cowfish!!
White-tipped Anemonefish clean by Commensal Shrimps!!

Green Turtle clean by Cleaner Shrimps!!

Green Turtle resting close to the artificial reef where surrounded with others marine life!!

School of Ox-eye Scad!!

Magnify view on a diver above & below seawater!!

Sunset view from surface just after dive!!