Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What We Do Other Than Just Diving in Si Amil Island?

Hi....everybody....Miss me or not? Sorry for being late updating the blog. I am having problem with the wireless here, so i cannot complete my mission. Forgive me.....! As i promised u before, this time i am going to show u about Si Amil Island dive. If u wanna try picnic dive, then just sign up for Si Amil dive. Actually, we try to promote this island as a diving site as well as honeymoon picnic site. Ok... Then, i will tell u what we normally do...!

Yeah...what a wonderful day...! Let's go diving! Chiao!Chiao!

The two island which is Si Amil Island and Denawan Island

Good view with a coconut tree as a symbol for this island.

Wow...!How about this? Very romantic right? Just try to imagine ....walk or kiss with someone u love .....he he!

Surface interval at the beach....!

Fishing competition? Winner will get 2 pieces of tissue paper....go go your best!

Before BBQ

After BBQ. Look like over cook....hehehe... Still can eat?! How is it ? Good? Delicious?

Coconut stall at Si Amil Island? but a bit expensive....hehehe....

Coconut not enough? Don't worry! We have one creature called "human monkey". See "its" can get coconut for u.

Cheers....! For Italian group...Chiao....!

After lunch, we have performance from dive master. Actually we are well trained for circus. Watch carefully....And....

See! Clap your hand....Don't be shy to say good.....!we know that...hehehe

Naughty boy playing around? Just to make time pass....cannot sleep what...what can do? Play loh!
Who is this? As i know,Sipadan Water Village Resort don't have old man dive master....We didn't accept over age dive master...hahaha...

What is this? Ha Ha Ha....Mouse! Made by Carlo. Made in Italy?

I think i am going to end here. Hope u all enjoy! See ya!

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