Sunday, August 26, 2007

26 AUGUST 2007

WEATHER : Cloudy and rainy day
VISIBILITY : About 15 meter
WATER TEMPERATURE : 27 Celsius (deep site more cool)
DIVE MASTER : Bobby, Ron, Jimmy, Allan, Richard, Jay

Hi....i am coming back again with some information and photos. Today Bobby's group saw hammerhead shark....How lucky are they..???... Chiao....They are Italian. Good Luck for the next day Sipadan dive. Try your luck !!!! not show your back side here! Who is this? do not like that.... is me! the written word is Japanese word kanji (1) mean : one you dive is no more ashore, put your soul inside. (2) mean : nice to meet you or work together.

Bumphead parrotfish in "Lubang" entry point when we just entered Barracuda Point. School of them, but my guest only get this one very clear.

hahaha....actually this picture is taking from Mabul. Sorry for mixing up with Sipadan dive. So as you can see, you still can see big school of fish in Mabul.

These two picture are took from Barracuda Point. We manage to meet them but the current is quite strong. We become "Superman" haha....!

School of Jack fish move from Turtle Cavern to Barracuda Point. So, we manage to see school of Jack, school of barracuda, school of batfish and school of bumphead parrotfish. Wonderful dive...! Yeah...Yeah...!

Ah.....time to go...see ya... Good night...Chiao...Mata ne

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