Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The 10th Anniversary Mabul Marine Day

Mabul Marine Day is an annual conservation programme that adopted from Japan "Marine Day" (a National holiday in Japan) by Sipadan Water Village (SWV) Resort. This programme aims to create awareness among the fisherman, local communities and divers on the importance of conserving the marine environment around Mabul.
This year we are proudly present to you our 10th Mabul Marine Day jointly organized by SWV Resort and Borneo Divers Mabul Resort. We also very happy to have 6 invited proffesional speakers from around the world : Prof. Dr. Masayashi Hayashi (Director of Yohosuka City Musuem Japan), Dr. David Gulko (Aquatic Biologist Coral Reef state of Hawaii), Dato Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin (President of Sabah Tourism Board), Prof. Dr. Ridzwan Abd. Rahman (Marine Biologist of Borneo Marine Research Institute,UMS), Dr. Annadel Cabanban (Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Eco-region Manager, WWF Malaysia) and Ms. Christine Valette (Director of Marketing and Communication and vice president of PADI Project AWARE, PADI Americas).

Besides the talks at the night time, consevation activities carried out during the day time on land or underwater, such as the beach clean-up, underwater clean-up, school children activities, marine craft and coral transplanting.
We would like to address our thousands thanks to the participants from Senior Diving Club (SDC) and Shiraishi Kenichi group from Japan, also the Globa scuba and Pacific Dome from Kuala Lumpur. Thank you to all the participants of 10th Mabul Marine Day! The succeed of the Mabul Marine its all because of you!

Welcome to Opening Ceremony of 10th Mabul Marine Day


MC of Mabul Marine Day - Nina & Bobby

Welcoming speech from Clement Lee (Managing Director of Borneo Diver Resort),

Allan (Chairman of 10th Mabul Marine Day) and Ken Pan ( Director of SWV Resort)

Invited guests:

Perfromance from staff and school children:

They are so enjoy of the dance.....

Invited Speakers:
Thank you so much Dato Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin,
President of Sabah Tourism Board.

Thanks also to Prof. Dr. Ridzwan Abd. Rahman,
Marine Biologist of Borneo Marine Research Institute, UMS.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Annadel Cabanban,

Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Eco-region Manager, WWF Malaysia.

Thanks to invited speakers from Hawaii
Dr. Dave Gulko, Aquatic Biologist,
Coral Reefs, State of Hawaii.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Masayoshi Hayashi,
Director of Yokosuka City Museum, Japan.
Thanks to Ms. Christine Valette,
Director of Marketing and Communication, PADI Americas.

Marine Craft introduced by Dr. Masayoshi Hayashi.

Participated by school children from MABUL island.

Alex wanna join too.....but too old. hahaha

1st Day event : Underwater Clean-up

Jimmy breifing on the underwater clean-up programme.
Our chairman with garbage bag.

Underwater clean-up

Group photo of the underwater clean-up programme.

All the Divemasters with the garbage.

2nd Day Event: Coral Transplanting

Group photo of Coral Transplanting Programme!
Yes! We did it!

Prize for drawing competition and creative recycle decoration:

Ceremony to put on signature on the banner and certification to all participants:

Borneo Divers Director and staffs with speakers.

Last group photo with all participants of 10th Mabul Marine Day, 2007!



Anonymous said...

Yes!! Mabul Boleh!! Great job guys on the success of the 10th Mabul Marine Day and well done in passing on the message of conservation once again!

May the corals live!!!
Coral Reefs rocks!!!!!

ex-dm Lee

Anonymous said...

Yeah!....very good annual event that carried out from resort. We believe more people will join us for this meaningful event! I will be back for MMD!