Monday, August 13, 2007

Sawatikap! Welcome to Sipadan!

We address our warm welcome to you to the Diving Paradise - Sipadan Island.

Of course! coconut tree is the symbol of island!

View of Drop Off from the jetty.

Relax and enjoy the sunshine and breeze are in Paradise!

Thai group Charlie and Angels !

Pikaciu Nudibranch (Theacacera spp.)

Nudibranch Berthella martensi found at deep site of Stingray City.

Diver up close with turtle.

Dawn dive with Bumphead Parrotfish.

School of Batfish......can you count how many ?

School of about this one? ha ha ha

Diver's ring with the background of Jack fish.

They are from

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Anonymous said...

ex-DM Lee:

Sawadikap Poosak!! Welcome back!! And congratulations on your wonderful dive with bumpheads!! Any hammer? I see one of your diver posing the hammer sign...hope you guys saw some hammer heads!!