Monday, August 06, 2007

This is Cool!

We have a great news for you! On the 28 July, fantastic dives at Sipadan in the morning. A few groups went to Sipadan and they come back with unbelievable stories. Richard's group saw Devil Ray(Mobula tarapacana) at Coral Gardens, Nina's group saw school of Hammerhead shark(Sphyna lewini) at South Point(but very far oh...) , Bobby's group saw Sunfish (Mola mola)from the surface on the way to Sipadan (but he don't dare to jump in to the water) and they also saw the Tresher shark(Alopias vulpinus) at Barracuda Point!!!! What a lucky Bobby!

Woww! can u believe it?!

This Tresher shark showing off in front a bunch of divers.


Anonymous said...

oh my god!! so cool!! so lucky!! 28th of July, memorable day for diving =)

Asther said...

Indeed a very lucky day!

Samantha said...

Bobby didn't dare jump in??!!! Oh come on!!! Chicken! Haha!! Just joking. I'm very very very very jealous... Happy that you guys getting to see all those special fish. Wish I were there... Miss you all loads! Take care, dive safe and keep in touch!!