Tuesday, June 20, 2006

20 June '06

weather: raining in the morning, the rest of the day sunny, slight wind from the south
sea condition: viz 15m-20m
guides: Allan, Jimmy, Miki, Bobby, Ron

Today was as good as any other day. Big school of bumpheads and school of jacks with few giant trevallies. Lots of white tipped reef sharks, a few baby grey reef sharks, leopard shark and as usual big school of blue trigger fish and long fin bannerfish :-D and not to forget, lots and lots of turtles!!! Bobby's group saw a full body ribbon eel (very difficult to spot as it is usually in its burrow)...nudibranchs, giant frogfish etc etc...too long to post everything, will update nex time. The pic below of Allan with the giant frogfish is taken by Jimmy :-) enjoy...

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Asther said...

Hahaha... the giant frogfish looked so small next to giant Allan! ;P