Tuesday, June 27, 2006

26 June 2006

weather: cloudy in the morning, sunny for the rest of the day
sea condition: viz 8m-15m, choppy in the afternoon
guides: Ron, Bobby, Diana, Sophia, Allan

today Sophia's group saw a big "wall" of barracudas which looked like a long river underwater...many who saw this before will agree that it is a majestic sight. As usual, there were alot of turtles today, not forgeting the ever present white tipped reef sharks...photogenic underwater critters seen today were giant frogfish, nudibranchs, leaf fish, and many types of shrimps...
Plus, last but not least, the triggers fishes were very active today.....some divers were attacked by them during diving...(protecting their eggs)...so...those of u who are diving here these few days please keep a look out for them...just dun stay too close. In case u are being attacked, just point ur 2nd stage towards them, purge air and swim away. The noise and bubbles tend to keep them away. But no guarantee this will work though :-D but we tried them a few times already and it seemed to work evrytime we did it...
Cheers...and Happy Diving !!

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