Saturday, June 24, 2006

Quiet Days

pheew...its been a few days since this blog is updated..sorry guys, all of us had been very busy. Actually it's not considered peak season here, but things are going to pick up starting next week till August *sigh* :_( so some are taking this chance to take their holidays and most of us are given chance to have our rest days, so less staffs but still same workloads....nothing as big as the whale shark appeared during this few days...but some dives were still very interesting.

Nina saw bumpheads mating on the 21st. wat happened was her group saw a big male "displaying" along the reef...erm...displaying is a way the males attract the females. eg. for humans usually the males need to diplay our cash, or car, or at least possesses good looks (no worries, just come to SWV Mabul, all the divemasters have almost all of those...wakakaka)...bumpheads displays by swimming erm...erm...erm...we dunno how to describe, but they swim very fast in around an area, twisting, turning, going up, going down. a few females will be around that area watching...after displaying, a male and a female swam side by side till they get "high", then they separated and wat Nina and the others can see was a cloud of eggs, floating and brought away by the current. And the best part is, the male will do it again, and with a different female!! How every guy wishes they can do this also (ooops...)
and 1 more thing tho...most of us who had seen the jacks these few days just felt dat the school had become bigger. very pretty sight :_) very good feeling. and the school of banner fishes and surgeon fishes for the past few days had became bigger also, and very active....hhmm...something happening maybe?
ok guys...think we'll stop here, we'll giv more updates soon. this painted frogfish was photographed by Allan, and the Bobtail squid pic was taken by Jimmy during their self dive...CheeRs :-D

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