Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Days

It's been a happening few days for those who dived with us. It also has been busy few days for us (the World Cup has added some extra "working" hours), so this is gonna be 3 days in 1 post...

17 June '06
weather: sunny, slight wind from south
sea condition: viz 15-25m
guides: Allan, Bobby, Jason, Jimmy, Sophia

A surprising day!! school of jacks, school of bumpheads, school of batfish and massive school of barracudas. Bobby and Jason's group saw 1 baby whaleshark swimming past the massive school of barracudas!! Although it is only a baby round 3.5m, but it is enough for those who saw it to get high underwater :-D as it is quite difficult to spot a whaleshark in Sipadan. For macros, those photogenic guys were still there, giant frogfish, leaf fish and loads of nudibranchs...

On the nite of 16th and 17th, there were corals spawning. We will update infos on that on another post :-)

18 June '06
weather: sunny, slight wind from south
sea condition: viz 15-30++m
guides: Bobby, Jason, Nina, Ron, Sophia
What a day...good viz & clear water!! still the massive school of jacks, school of batfish, school of bumpheads and also the big school of barracudas. There were many sharks and they were very active today. As usual, the giant frog fishes, leaf fishes, nudibranches were so good for the cameras...
Allan & Jason are studying surgeon fish spawning currently, they have been doing research dives on this for the past few days. Hopefully we can get a clearer idea of their behaviour in the near future so we can share it with u guys. During their dive today they spotted a pair of sea cucumbers mating also. The male was sperming (i hope that is the right word)...please check the pic attached :-)

19 June '06
weather: sunny, slight wind from south
sea condition: viz 15-25m, surface slightly choppy
guides: Allan, Jason, Jimmy, Nina
hehehe another good day!!! Good viz and woah...cold water!! small school of barracudas, school of batfish, and amazingly the whaleshark was spotted again. 2 divers saw it the second time already in 3 days...hmmm very lucky...so what we learn here, if Ghana can beat Czech Republic 2-0 in the World Cup, nothing is impossible!!! :-D Ian, the videographer from Scubazoo claimed that he smells like a shrimp, and that why the whaleshark was attracted here :-D the macro stars were always present, pgymy seahorse, leaf fish and giant frogfish.
If only everyday in our lives are as exciting as the past few days.....

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