Tuesday, June 27, 2006

27 June 2006

weather: cloudy
sea condition: choppy, viz 8m-20m
guides: Jimmy, Sophia, Jason, Diana, Nina, Allan

Diana's group spotted a big school of bumpheads today. She told us that she hadnt seen such big school in quite some time already...She was very lucky today though, she saw also a big school of barracudas, forming a gigantic wall....Jason's group also saw the barracudas today, but not as big, and already split up into a few smaller schools...*sigh*....
We would like to take this chance to give some dive tips ler...if u are lucky to see a school of barracudas, dont swim into them or chase them. This will split them up, and this will spoil the chance for them to do their performance--the tornado...if u wanna take pics, approach them veeeerrryyy slowly. Let us be considerate divers, in case they are splitted up or chased away other divers behind might not be able to see them...And this is Bobby's & Jason's advice :-D...we dont go to the barracudas, we let them come to us...how? come here and dive with us...we will show u!!! ;-)
For the small creatures, a lot of variety were spotted today...leaf fish, frog fish, nudibranchs (some saw the cute "pikachu"), jawfish, shrimps, crabs and lots of gobies....altogether a good day...looking forward to tomorrow's dive!!

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