Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SWV busy again this week!!!

SWV Resort still busy with the mid school holidays and more divers for this week!!

Again we still have the non divers for snorkelling this week too!!

This afternoon arrange for Kapalai snorkelling trip!

The weather was fine but sea condition in morning still choppy!!

This afternoon got group of diver from Global Scuba, Kuala Lumpur lead by Soo!!

House Reef at Dive Center also busy of a group don snorkelling!!

Here a few diver guided by Sandra for dive at Kapalai & join together a group European for snorkelling!!

Irasshai mase Murakami Aiko san!!

This are the group from Global Scuba with DM Richard!!

They are don the check dive at Paradise 1!!

"Hooray!! Let's go dive!!"

Divers! Snorkelers! What a busy day!!

In afternoon always the sea condition better!!

The underwater visibility also much better than in morning!!

This group diver just come back from Dive Sipadan!!

Everyone busy to rinse equipments & themselves!!

Time for Tea Break!!

Enjoy the late afternoon sun & chat about what have been seen!!

Allan rinse himself off & that's was a day job for the guide!!

We guide are wonder...is out side off SWV can found another Paradise? To found out this let go for a tour!!

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