Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's rain this morning!!!

This morning we had arrived 2 Passenger boats with new Snorkellers & few Divers!!

Early morning has the rain shower!!

After the rain stop is busy time for snokelling & kayaking!!

The rain here flew over fast & after will be cloudy or sunny!!

Allister with his just certify OW students, Melisah, Yvonne, Alicia & Wong!!
Congratulation guys!! YOU done it!! Thanks to Allister!!

Morning, Ramil dive brief to 3 divers & after was check dive!!

In the afternoon weather was cloudy!!

This month June we had more snorkellers than Divers!!

Today we got 2 group for Dive Sipadan!!

No many would like to skip for diving Sipadan!!

This picture show how happy they are for Sipadan trip!!

This afternoon got 2 divers for check dive!!

Dive center arranged 2 boats for snorkelling in afternoon!!

This group was lucky that go snorkelling at Sipadan!!

Bobby, Mr & Mrs Mah, Stephane & Toru san dive at MABUL!!

Today at PARADISE the underwater visibility was just great - superb clear!!

This big group will go snorkelling at Kapalai!!

Welcome back Pei Leen & thank you for bring Lina as her dive buddy!!
Ramil will guide them for Dive Paradise!!

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