Friday, June 19, 2009

Seafest View Of Semporna!!!

Sunrise view at SWV!!

When the sun up & fishes start busy feeding!!

Some fishes enjoy playing swimming!!

This was school of Mullet!!

After stay out very late at night, Clouded Moray make it way HOME!!

The sunrise view was beautiful & today hope good weather day!!

A view of Semporna town from Seafest Hotel window!!

Late afternoon view on fishing water village!!

Most of fishing boat out at night fishing!!

Sorry! Commercial Break!! Be right back!!

This & below pictures shown view of Seafest Deluxe Standard room!!

Was best room in town , come & stay Seafest Hotel!!
Thank you for stay tune!!

This view was the sunset light shine on Semporna water villages!!

Early Morning return of the trawlers bring back last night catch!!

This pictures shown most of trawler just back!!

All small wooden boats surround the trawler to help out & in return get reward of fishes!!

This was routine work for fisherman here!!

Close look at how busy trawler when come back with tan of fishes!!

Most lorry was there for wait load those fresh fishes to market or shop!!

Close look for those small wooden boats for help out!!

If come visit to Semporna don't miss out this!!

Some trawlers out at daylight fishing & return in afternoon!!

After get the fishes & they on the way!!

When we start our daily work & fisherman crews back to sleep!!

Semporna also known as eating out of Seafoods!!

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