Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Busy with Mid School Holidays!!!

Sorry for not updated the blog last week because of poor internet line, busy of preparation Mabul Marine Week & crab crab crab..... OK cut the crab!! We are apologize on the delay!!

Last week we here very busy with lots of non diver guests with their family & we have to used Passenger boat for snorkelling trip!!

There's few divers here during last week too!!

This picture was shown Bobby conducted the check dive!!

Last week weather was fine but sea condition was rough & bad visibility only in the morning!!

Here shown the parents with their kids don snorkelling!!

This was taken yesterday & most waiting for snorkelling trip!!

Get ready with snorkelling equipments!!

Here are the Divers & most are Japanese repeater!!

Most of non diver guests spend 2 days & 1 night but got have 3 days & 2 night to have more fun and more time with their love one!!


Ana-Maria said...

Nice blog.exoner

ParadiseLoG said...

Thank you Ana-Maria!!