Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Murakami Gofusai Irasshai Mase!!

That's was Dive crew, Jaber jumping off the platform!!

Today weather sunny & windy!!

To cool down the body is best jump to SEA!!

Jaber perform the jumping skill!!

Bravo Bravo Jaber!!

Most Italian love enjoy the late afternoon sun!!

Here Jaber again!!

He got jumping bubby too!!

"1 2 3 Jump" Bravo Bravo!!

Now is time for kayak!!

Let's flash flash!!

"Let me paddle 1st then you follow"

"YES! 1 2 1 2"

This picture & below shown all Italian take turn for paddle the transparent kayaks!!

Last everyone really enjoy the transparent kayaks!!

Here a couple enjoy snorkelling House Reefs!!

Today was last dive day for the Italian group after staying a week here!!

This picture shown how HAPPY & ENJOY they are!!

Congratulation 400 Memory Log Dive!!
Thank you for staying with SWV!!
Take care & see you again!!
Ciao Ciao!!

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