Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Happy Father Day!!!"

Rip & Tally Miller from Austin, Texas
"Glad that both of you have enjoyed stay in SWV"
"See you again, Take care & Happy Father Day"
This was Froi group diving at MABUL!!
"Have Fun & Enjoy the Dive"

Here are MAS group, Wong, Ahmah & Hanafiah with Dive Guide Richard!!

This was Japanese MAMA san group of snorkeller with Dive Crew!!

This afternoon we got lot of guest departure HOME!!

Sorry for those who not been taken any picture of this trip!!

This our SWV trade mark goodbye party!!

Today weather was extreme HOT HOT HOT!!

Sea condition good & still thermocline underwater!!

"Bye Bye Goodbye Bye Bye!!"

"Have safety journey & See you again"

Wish all father today "Happy Father Day!!" from SWV Resort!!

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