Monday, January 22, 2007

Paradise Log Special Edition 4 - Japanese Photography Special 2 it is, the second part of this Special Edition of Japanese Photography. If you remember from our last entry of this Special Edition, we said for this entry there's going to be 3 more photographers' pictures that we will share with you all, but instead of 3, we got 4 photographers' pictures to share with you all. Thanks to Tadashi-san for sending us his pictures from Japan. Arigatou!!!

Dive Team

Photographer #4: Ota Takahisa

Purple eye goby

Yellow shrimp goby

Orange anthias

Bicolor anthias

Photographer #5: Otsuka Tadashi

Whip coral goby

Metallic shrimp goby

Black ray shrimp goby

Yellow shrimp goby with shrimp

Photographer #6: Kozaki Utako

Pair of mating pikachu nudibranch

Serpent pteraeolidia

Red-lined flabellina

Juvenile filefish

Porcelain crab

Photographer #7: Kamigaki Koji

Black sail fin goby

Mandarin fish

Crad eye goby

Bumphead parrotfish / Buffalo fish

Ribbon eel

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