Friday, January 19, 2007

Paradise Log Special Edition 4 - Japanese Photography Special 1

Greetings everyone!!! It's another Paradise Log Special Edition for all of you Paradise Loggers out there. This edition of Paradise Log will feature some great photographs by some Japanese repeater guests that have been supporter of SWV for many times. Hope that by this we can share with all Paradise Loggers around the world some Japanese style photography taken by Japanese divers. Enjoy!!!

Dive Team

Photographer #1: Furuhashi Shinichi

Purple fire goby

Mandarin fish

Juvenile clown sweetlips

Broadclub cuttlefish

Photographer # 2: Mochizuki Hitomi

Mahidolia sp.

Common ghost goby

Mottled goby

Short pouch pygmy pipehorse

Photographer #3: Nakajima Eiko

Clown anemonefish

Yellow shrimp goby

Crab eye goby

Metallic shrimp goby

Randall's anthias

That's it for today's entry for this Special Edition of Paradise Log featuring great pictures taken by 3 Japanese divers, Mr. Furuhashi Shinichi, Ms. Mochizuki Hitomi and Ms. Nakajima Eiko. Check again for the second part of this Special Edition featuring photographs by Mr. Ota Takahisa, Mr. Kamigaki Koji and Ms. Kenzaki Utako. Matta neh....

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