Monday, February 05, 2007

Members of the Dive Team visited Japan for the 2007 Japan Diving Festival - Part 1

Hello there everyone!! Konnichiwa!! Genki?
4 members of the dive team (Jimmy, Jay, Nina and Lee) were in Japan last week from 26th January until 1st February 2007 to attend the Japan Diving Festival 2007.
Arrival at Narita airport on 26th morning. Very cold!!! Zero degree Celcius !!! Samuii!!!

Venue for Diving Festival 2007

JISCO booth

We met with a lot of guests from SWV especially those that have been coming here for many times. Thank you everyone for coming to visit out agent (JISCO Travel) booth and for those who knew that we were coming who brought pictures and gifts for us!! Domo arigatou kozaimasu!!! Ureshii!!!

Thank you again everyone for being there!! We appreciate very much for all your support for SWV!!! Manggo gumi (mango candy) for you as a token of appreciation for your support.....

On the evening of 27th January (2nd day of Diving Festival), JISCO organized a dinner party for repeater guests of JISCO as appreciation for all the support and as a chance for the staff of JISCO and SWV to meet up and chit chat! It feels like a big family gathering in Japan!!

Arrival to the dinner party. Staff of SWV wears 'batik' shirt, a traditional formal shirt for functions in Malaysia


Bingo game!!

Some of the winners of the Bingo games

That's it for the first part of our trip to Japan covering the events during the Diving Festival 2007, we will put in pictures for the 2nd part of our trip in Japan that was after the Diving Festival,where we tried out Japanese style winter season diving in Izu Peninsular and also, of course, our holiday in Japan after all work is done !! Jya, matta neh!!

Osukare sama desuta!!!!


Tadashi said...



I'm glad to hear that you guys seem to have enjoyed yourselves visiting Japan!

I think many SWV guests are looking forward to your next entry about what SWV DMs frankly thought of, and found in Izu.


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