Monday, January 15, 2007

Long Absence.....sorry guys!!!

Our sincere apologies to all Paradise-Logger out there for our long absence from Paradise Log recently. We were kept very busy during the Christmas - New Year period and then we were not able to update on this site because of the server breakdown caused by the earthquake in Taiwan. So now we will try to update as many as possible what we have been missing to put in recently. Thanks for logging back on to Paradise-Log: One World, One Mabul, One Paradise.


lueypin said...

hi there dive operator, lol... i dunno your name. I am lueypin, a kuantan girl who is going to graduate from college in Jun this year. I am planning to have a 1 or 2 months trip over at sabah in september and october. I'm wondering can you offer me any part time job over there either at the water village or any contacts for jobs in sipadan. i have already bought the air tickets and i guess there is no turning back. I hope to have a working holiday retreat at sipadan and KK. could u see wat u can doo? plzzzzzzz...


Dive Team said...

Hey there lueypin, first of all..thanks for your interest in working with us here. We are sorry to say that we don't take in part timers here. Only full time. So if you are interested in joining for a long period of time you can send your resume of our company email In the meantime, if you happen to come to Mabul island, you are most welcomed to come visit us.

Dive Team