Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Party 2006

For all Paradise-Loggers out there that was not able to be with us to celebrate the Christmas, here's some of the pictures that we got during the party. Enjoy!!

Christmas Tree 2006 Masters of Ceremony: Helena and Vienna
Christmas Party Welcoming speech by Resort Manager, Alex


Bon Appetite!!!!"Sorry honey, diet tonight!!!"

Pop Yeh-Yeh Dance by staff

The 4 gorgeous ladies for the night.....

The Kikai Dance performed by the beautiful ladies from Dive Center ......aren't they 'hot'??!!!

Sam from Scubazoo Images filming the Party

Mabul Guitarist - Allan sanLet's dance!!!!Dive Center Crew... Merrry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Ok guys... hope you all enjoyed what we have got to show you all for this year's Christmas Party, we would like very much to put more pictures in this entry for all of you, but the cameraman was 'forced' to stop taking pictures because Bobby insisted that the cameraman should stop taking pictures and start getting himself a drink from the bar.......well, there's nothing that the cameraman could do but to obey Bobby...(just look at how scary Bobby is........)

"Hey you!! Where is your drink? "

"Drink this or I'll force you to drink!!"

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