Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Si Amil Island & Denawan Island - New optional diving destination from SWV

With the new year comes a new direction, that is the case for us here now with the introduction of a new optional diving destination for guests of Sipadan Water Village - Si Amil Island and Denawan Island.

We at Sipadan Water Village constantly strive to offer the best out of our divers' stay here with us. For all of you that have been diving here with us, you should know by now the great variety of marine life that you can find here: from the sharks, turtles and barracudas in Sipadan to the gobies, nudibranches and frogfishes in Mabul and Kapalai. But there are still other islands that offer other diving opportunities for everyone with a different taste. With this aim in mind, we have discovered another great place for macro diving for all macro enthusiasts out there especially underwater photographers: Si Amil Island and Denawan Island. Si Amil Island and Denawan Island are 2 neighbour islands located approximately 1 hour from Mabul Island at the North-East side.

Orange pygmy seahorsePurple pygmy seahorseDamselsMany host gobyRoboastra gracilis nudibranchPop corn shrimpSchool of catfish

For your information, the tour to these 2 islands will be a combination of diving tour plus picnic tour. There will be 3 boat dives on the 2 islands with snacks provided after the first dive followed by picnic lunch on Si Amil island after the second dive.

Picnic style lunch at Si Amil Island

Apart from the variety of underwater subjects that you can shoot there, the landscape on the 2 islands makes a great land photography opportunity for all photography enthusiasts. The combination of both the underwater subjects with land based photography makes these new destinations much more appealing that we have decided to introduce it to you all!

Apart from these 2 new islands, divers here can also try out our muck diving destinations at mangroves and also at Semporna for a different experience of diving.

So that's it for the introduction for these 2 new diving destinations that we offers for our divers at SWV, we hope to share these 2 great new diving destinations with any one of you soon. Till then...Cheers and Keep Diving!!

Dive Team

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