Tuesday, December 19, 2006

19th December 2006

weather: sunny
sea condition: calm vis: 15 -20 m

Guides: Bobby, Ron

Our apologies to everyone out there for such a long absence with no updates for Paradise Log. Hope all Paradise-Loggers out there are still loyal to Paradise Log and check for updates from time to time.

It is now considered a low season for us now here at Sipadan Water Village. Maybe it is now nearing to Christmas and New Year so many people are not taking holidays now so that they can take holiday during Christmas and New Year.

Eventhough there are not so many people here now, but we are kept busy around here preparing for the Christmas and New Year Party. For your information, we will be having performances for Christmas Eve by the staff here at Sipadan Water Village and countdown after the performances and for New Year's celebration we will be having games with all people who come here to celebrate New Year with us here and we will have Costume Party on that night!!! So for all of you who have booked to celebrate New Year with us here, remember to bring along your costumes!!! If you don't have one yet, it's time for you to go and get a costume for yourelf now before you come!!

Well, for today's log, 2 boats went to Sipadan today. They saw a leopard shark, a school of barracudas going in circles forming the famous 'barracuda tornado', other than that, they also saw some big grey reefs and lots of jack fish with giant trevallies. And for macro, there was only one boat dived in Mabul today while the other boat went to Sipadan in the afternoon. For macro today, we saw black sail fin goby, squat lobsters, giant mantis shrimp, yellow shrimp goby and crab eye goby.

Dive Team


Anonymous said...

To Bos Alex, Leonard, Jimmy, Alan, Jay, Lee, Nina, Bobby, Ron, Nick, Richard, Michael & all DMs...plus Dickson, Helena (loks), Amy, Vienna, Eva, Ah Ket, Sam...
Not forgetting
all the boatmen,all the kitchen & restaurant staffs, all front office, all housekeeping, carpenters, gardeners, mini mart & all SWV staffs...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

May u guys be WeLL & HaPpY!!!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, this is David and Shireen messaging from Singapore.

Merry christmas to you! Just wondering how did the party go? While we were there, saw so much preparation work going into the party. Kinda sad too that we miss it by a day.

okie, catch up with you guys again soon. Did i miss any hammerheads? ;)

David & Shireen

Anonymous said...

We've left our hearts in Mabul...please take care of it untili we return! :)

David & Shireen (new diver graduated in SWV! )

NICO said...

siete tutti sempre nei miei pensieri--i piu' bei giorni me li avete regalati voi----un GRANDE complimento a tutti i divemaster e a little star..ah un abbraccio sandokan


Anonymous said...

No updates from you guys for some time now, hows the weather and diving? really interested to know! Cheers!