Friday, December 01, 2006

30th November 2006

weather: sunny
sea condition: calm vis: 15 m

Guides: Lee, Bobby, Ron

On today, our divers were being entertained by the usual marine creatures that anyone can expect from the diving in Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai islands. Among others, turtles, barracudas, lots of different types of gobies, and shrimps, pygmy seahorse, nudibranches frogfish.

The weather has been very hot this last few days making everyone here can't wait to get in the water as soon as possible to enjoy the cool of the water and to look at the many types of marine creatures in the water! Which is a good thing, because that means we will have more pictures from our divers to be posted here on Paradise-Log for all Paradise Loggers out there to view. No matter where you are now.

So here are some of the great pictures taken by our divers from the last 2 days to be shared to all Paradise-Loggers out there. Hope you all enjoy!


Pink eye gobies. Picture by Akitaya Nobuhiro

Periclemenes tenuipes. Picture by Akitaya Nobuhiro

Many host goby. Picture by Akitaya Nobuhiro

Black sail fin goby with commensal snapping shrimp. Picture by Polpat Vongmasa

Green turtle. Picture by Polpat Vongmasa

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