Sunday, December 10, 2006

10th December 2006

weather: sunny
sea condition: calm vis: 15 m

Guides: Jay, Ron, Allan, Lee

If anyone of you Paradise-Loggers out there are expecting to see hammerhead sharks again for this update of Paradise-Log, we're sorry to say that our luck was not as good as this Tuesday ( 5th Dec). But Sipadan has not been disappointing to us, we still have the school of barracudas and grey reefs.

Well, as for macro, Mabul has been very rewarding this last couple of days with pygmy seahorse, pygmy pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish, jawfish with eggs and frogfish. But we still cant find back the harlequin shrimp that we found last week. Too bad!!!!

The pictures for today was provided by Songpol from Thailand. All of them are just awesome pictures!! To see more of his pictures you can go to his website

Rayed shrimp goby

Hairy squat lobster

Gold-spec jawfish with eggs in the mouth

Pygmy seahorse

Pygmy pipehorse


Asther said...

Oh My God! The yellow pygmy seahorse... whr was it found? I WANA SEE!!!

ParadiseLoG said...
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ParadiseLoG said...

Asther, it's not a seahorse, it's a pipehorse. You can see them even in Paradise 1. But mostly they are black colour. Cheers

Dive Team

NukeNick said...

Thinking of every Dive Master..

Thank for takecare on 6-11 Dec 06..

It 's make me happy.. and exciting

to see Flamboyant.. ^-^"...

see again on next year.. hehe

This my email.. ..
...let's talk..

Asther said...

I see I see... Initially the photo was labelled pygmy, mar, so I tot it's really a pygmy seahorse & got all excited cos never seen that species before. Hehehe...

Anyway... I never seen the pygmy "pipehorse" neither. ;P Do you have its scientific name? Hope next time I can find this species when I return to SWV.


ParadiseLoG said...

Asther, the common name for the pipehorse is 'Short-pouch Pygmy Pipehorse' and the scientific name is Acentronura breviperula

Dive Team