Monday, February 19, 2007

Ciao! Italiano!

Ciao! A group of Italiano been diving with SWV Resort
for about 1 week. Most of them are experienced Instructor and Dive guide, also one of them is Course Director PADI - Alberto Rota.Hope they have a wonderful time diving in Sipadan and Mabul. Buona cella!
Jokes for Giorgertti : Hammerhead sharks always waiting for you come back to Sipadan!
Ron promise bring you to see Scuoallo Martello when next time you come!
A picture of Luigi and Leopardo dancing underwater in Sipadan....

Happy Velentine ! 3 sweet couples celebrated a romantic Valentine in Mabul.

Buzzi Luigi and Papis Liciana, Del Re Walter and Baggi Seremt,

Giorgetti Alberto and Mangili Giovanna

Ciao! See you next time! we look forward to see you again here!

Zantedeschi Deigo, Caselli Laura, Gandola Aurelio, Heard Sarah,

Pavan Deigo, Binda Daniela, Rota Alberto, Nenzi Sara,

Rota Natalie, Maglio Ettore

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