Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dive Master Daily Work

Welcome back!! Greeting from the Dive Team: Wish you all have a prosperous Chinese New Year! And Happy Valentine!

Dive master daily job to arrange diving schedule.(Bobby san)

Yeah! Chocolate give you strength and energy...emhh oishii yo!! size related too. (Allan san)

Cheers! Gambai! one glass not enough...needs more water on day time, beer on night time. (Jimmy san)

This pangit face or boring face you can see after 3 boat dives.....(Lee san)

ScubaZoo Sam also one of the member here. Always hanging around when she is free.

Even on surface also looking to sea, can't wait to jump down again. (Ron san)

Sometimes also jump to the sea with guest.....tanoshii kata!! (Jay, Shoko & Alex)

Before entry dive, please listen carefully to the briefing. (Nina san)

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