Sunday, August 06, 2006

6 August 2006

We are watching u...A friendly gaze (or izzit lazy?) from a green turtle in Sipadan

weather: sunny all day, wind from south west

sea condition: choppy sea, viz 10m-25m

guides: Lee & Sophia, Jason & Bobby, Allan, Diana
Sorry for the late updates, it has been busy here. It has been a 4 very good days (3rd - 6th August) for diving. There were no rain, the sun has been very hardworking these few days, but it was not hot though, there was always the cool wind blowing from the south west. The sea was choppy, but underwater the viz was not that much affected, plus in some dive sites, the water these few days was very cold... :-O, good conditions for sharks?
Today Lee, Sophia, Jason and Bobby went to Sipadan. They saw the spectacular sight of a school bumpheads, forming a very very long queue during entry in Barracuda Point. Probably they are getting ready for their usual rounds of feeding around Sipadan. There were also alot of tunas, not very usual, and there was one so big reaching almost 2m!! Its shadow looked almost like a shark from afar. There were also a big school of barracuda doing the tornado. It has been a lucky week, cause we have been able to see the big school barracudas everyday since last week!! For those who have dived here for the past week, the big school barracudas is not as common as u think, u have been very lucky for them to be here everyday :-D Jason & Bobby were luckier than the rest today. They saw a leopard shark, and a devil ray (almost 2m) when they went to the Hanging Gardens this afternoon. We are still trying to get hold of the devil ray's pic, when we got it we'll post it for u guys to see....oh and ya, lots of turtles....
Macros..surprisingly Jason found a moyer dragonnet in Sipadan. He's still trying to get the pic :-/....other interesting stuffs seen were the frogfish, lots of nudibranchs, shrimps, leaf fish, pipefishes, moray eels and snake eels...we cant get any pics today but we've get some good pics from yesterday...thanks very much Elena for the pics :-D
Elena swimming among the jacks - pic taken by Stefano
The giant grouper...aiks, is that Bobby behind?!
School of yellow snappers
Lobsters...we know what u are thinking.....seafood :-D

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