Saturday, August 26, 2006

25 August 2006

weather: cloudy in the morning, sunny whole day, wind from south east
sea condition: choppy sea in the afternoon, viz 15m-30m
guides: Lee, Allan, Nina, Diana, Jason, Bobby, Sophia
Another very good day for diving. Almost everyone went to Sipadan today. The viz was very good (up to 30m) and there were lots of fishes. Diana saw leopard sharks today, in both dive in the morning...lucky lucky, while Jason's group saw big school of jacks, school of barracuda (with their "tornado" performance) and also the blue fin trevallies hunting the fusiliers. There were alot of active white tips, and also quite a few grey reefs. Surprisingly there were quite alot of tunas (which some reached 1.5m) and mackarels today. And as usual there were also tonnes of turtles :-D
The macros today were very good also...we saw alot of gobies today- dancing goby, sailfin goby, purple fir goby, black sailfin goby, red-margin shrimp goby, whip coral goby and also crab eye goby. These fishes are excellent posers for photographers but they are very very very shy. Jason's group saw a pair of robust ghost pipefish and also a flambuoyant cuttlefish today :-O we managed to get a pic of the flambuoyant cuttlefish from 1 of the divers...
Other stuffs seen today were giant frogfish, alot of shrimps, different crabs, and many many nudibranchs. Below are two pics taken by Lee, during his self dive...a pair of the elegant ornate ghost pipefish and also the yellow boxfish.
Ok guys...for those who came here during the unforseen stormy weather, or for those who are worried about us here :-D...we would like to say that the one and only damaged bridge in the resort is now rebuilt. Bravo to the maintanence staffs, carpenters and all who were involved, u guys did a great job!!
(August 11, the condition of the bridge after 3 consecutive stormy days)
(the same bridge which is rebuilt :-) )
(tranquil view of the resort, picture taken from the bridge)
Happy Diving ^__^

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