Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2 August 2006

ChEERs!!! A big smile from us in Sipadan :-D

weather: sunny all day, wind from west south
sea condition: viz 10m-22m
guides: Sophia, Lee & Jay, Jimmy, Nina

More good dives...and good pictures!!! What we see today in short: Big school barracudas, big school jacks, leopard shark, grey reef shark, white tipped reef shark, big school bumpheads (Nina saw some spawning), big school batfish, loads of turtles, yellow fin barracudas, frogfish, ribbon eels, Napolean wrasse, pygmy seahorse, a lot of nudibranchs, many different types of shrimps, many crabs....below are a few pics of what we saw today....Thanks Juerg and Peter for the excellent pics!!
Always in their shadows. For those who dived or snorkelled in Sipadan may have seen Boers batfish swimming under turtles, why??
it is because the batfish are waiting for "food"...erm....what kind of food? just think, what comes out from the back... :-O !!!!
Say Cheeeese. Juerg's son, Peter, taking a shot of Boers batfish.
School of bumphead parrotfish, or sometimes known as the buffalo fish. One of the spectacular sight in Sipadan. If u guys happen to see them feeding, try to listen to the crunching sounds they make underwater when they feed on the corals. But where are those booming sounds when they bump their heads on corals?!?!
So of our dive guide Nina with the school of barracudas. Why does she always get the best shots?!?!?!?!
We hope to be able to get more pics tomorrow guys....CheErS !!!!

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