Thursday, August 24, 2006

24 August 2006

weather: rain in the morning, sunny rest of the day
sea condition: viz 10m-30m, choppy sea
guides: Allan, Bobby, Ron, Jason, Diana, Sophia
Other than the short heavy downpour in the morning, it was an excellent day. Those who went to Sipadan saw a very big school of barracuda, school of jacks and also big school of batfish. The giant trevallies and white tipped reef sharks were quite active today. Jason's group saw 4 huge grey reef sharks circling round the "corner" in Barracuda Point. It was a very colorful day in Sipadan, in some places there were big schools of bannerfishes and fusiliers, they may be common, but sometimes they just look good...this feeling cannot be explained, if u guys wanna know just come Sipadan and experience it :-D As usual there were tonnes of turtles today. All of us who dive Sipadan wont get bored even if we see turtles everyday, they make us feel peaceful, plus they are good subjects for photos and videos :-)
Macros were as good as ever...Diana found a flambuoyant cuttlefish. Most of us who dove today saw giant frogfish, leaf fish, many types of shrimps, squat lobsters, pipefishes, gobies and loads of nudibranchs.
We'll give more updates tomorrow :-D Enjoy!!!

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