Monday, November 10, 2008

What was happening now in resort???

US Photo Week 2008 is still on going!!!

John Lindsey representative from Travel Master and staff of Scubaland Adventures Austin, Texas!!

HJ Philips staff from Scubaland Adventures Austin, Texas!!

Joseph Wysocki of Optiquatics "Bringing the Sea Into Focus"

Pro Photographer Andy Wallace of Diamond W Studios Photography

Famous Pro photographer Mauricio Handler

Famous Pro Photographer Marty Snyderman

Day to day schedule event board!!

Dive guide breifing to photo week participants!!

Pro breifing to photo week participants!!

This year 28 peoples here for this photo week!!

Famous Pro photographers Stephen Wong, Mauricio Handler and Takako Uno!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back again to the pros, Mauricio, Marty, Andy, Joe, John! And welcome to all the participants of the Photo Week 2008! Always wanted to meet Stephen Wong and Takako Uno but dont have the chance till now. I am sure there will be lots of great photos to come out from this year's Photo Week! Cant wait for the updates!

ex-DM Lee

ParadiseLoG said...

Yah!! Just got the winner of pictures will upload soon.......