Thursday, November 06, 2008

The present day in Sipadan!!

Sipadan since 2006 when our government enforced the 120 persons per day quota equal shared by 12 dive operators was now hard for everyone to visit there!!

Every tourists now has to came out from this jetty to register their name!! Must follow the name in the permit done by Sabah Park HQ in Kota Kinabalu. Permit issued out by Sabah Park in Semporna and checked by Sabah Park in Sipadan!! If the mistake go wrong by Sabah Park HQ and Sabah Park Sipadan don't give a damn!! Then call back for amend and Sabah Park HQ and Semporna don't give a damn too!! Poor dive operator end up has to go back without diving and big loss and scold by guests too!!

Sipadan was beautiful Island with tropical trees, white sandy beach and fascinating marine lifes!! Many tourists visited here agreed our Government move to protect and conservation afford that only allowed 12o persons per day share by 12 dive operators!! Viva! Viva! Bravo!!
The Island was declared Birds sanctuary long before!! But why this two cats was here?!!

Now Sipadan occupy by group of Army, Police and Sabah Park staffs!! Each has it own tasks that Army look after national security, Police keep public order and Sabah Park check on permit!! Tourist now feel very safe on their holiday trip here!! But in those eyes are difference watch!!

This a signboard by order of The Minister of Home Affairs!!

Anyone illegally enter without permit will be send out, lock up and charge!!

That's why the Army and Police are here under Minister of Home Affairs!!

More new building will set up for the security personals?!!

This newly chalet is to replace the old building that soon be taken down once all finished!!

This area was new wash room facility for public that almost to finish!!

Now this wash room facility was present used but most tourist for small job still do it on seawater near by beach!! That's very bad for coral reefs!!

This big wash room was built by cement and had Lady and Gentleman separated!! Once this facility done hope NO others do their small business on seawater by the beach side!!

Sadly to see all the left over broken cement block by beach side!!

This double storey building below where the old Borneo Diver's chamber facility was!!

This board show of how many permits given to each 12 dive operators!! Look at the chart there's one small facility but had bigger amount!! Can this be fair for others?!! Where would you choose to stay after looking the chart?!! Are you be self fish just looking for your own interest?!! We in SWV always looking for fair to equal share. That's why WE sell our product of best service and facility and not just for DIVE in SIPADAN!! Come let's dive with US in any where we guided!!

We strongly agreed to the Government NO more increase any new dive operator quota. We pray for equal fair share 120 persons with the present 12 dive operators. We asking for allow us the 12 dive operators to change or switch own guests any time in the daylight to ensure 120 persons in the Island. If the Government allow can change or switch then all 12 dive operators guests can enjoy visit there!! We strongly agreed and obeys rules and regulations that set hand in hand together!! If Government agreed our request will bring better for ecofriendly tourism economy and marine conservations!!

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