Thursday, November 27, 2008

WAS November 2008 busy month??!!

Lesly Goh's group (Global Scuba KL) and Dive guide Allan at Siamil Island!!
Dive guide Rika san briefing to Mikomoto Hammers dive shop!!

See how divers pay full attention on dive brief!!

Dive guide Ron brief & draw on white board before dive!!

Dive guide Richard briefing to Shiina san group Tokyo Diver dive shop!!

Dive Manager Jimmy briefing on boat to Hiromi san group!!!

See how busy was and the only KL Jason Lim group wasn't in picture!! Sorry!!

Haromi san group IRASSHAI MASE!!!

Shiina san group IRASSHAI MASE!!

Welcome back again Abe san with his new group together Abigial!!


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