Friday, July 24, 2009

Mabul Marine Day & Week!!!

This was the night of start of 12th MMD!!


Slide Show of Marine Life by SWV Dive Guide!!

MMD committees member Soo Ling, Eva, Michael & Ron!!

Robert & Matthew from USA!!

Certificate to participant of 12th MMD!!

Well done!!

"Thank you!!" said the 12th MMD Chairman, Bobby

Start of transplanted Corals for all Dive Operators!!

This year 3rd MMW was filming by Malaysian National TV RTM 1!!

Dive Guide Abigail helping given away the Baby Coral to Dive Operators!!

Borneo Divers was 1st to pick up their baby corals!!

Here in Borneo Divers where participants brief of how transplant Baby coral!!

Mr Samson of Borneo Divers with all baby corals ready to transplant!!

WWF - Malaysia also join transplant coral!!

WWF - Malaysia staff Miss Nina lead group to dive for transplant coral & was film by RTM!!

Dive Guide Abigail & SWV Boatman Crew!!

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