Sunday, July 05, 2009

DIVE To Sipadan!!!

Today we got American, Italian & Malaysian went for Sipadan trip!!

Sorry! Internet line not really good and not much story on this blog!!
Just pictures to show!!!
Please enjoy its!!

Here are 2 Judiths from the State!!

This was hunting action!!
Poor small fish!!

Because watching the hunting action miss out the school of Barracuda!!

This are still baby White Tip Sharks!!

"Lady & Gentleman! Judith Kendall & Judith Crews!!"
Welcome back JUDITHs!!

Have you vote for Sipadan??
Hurry up please!!
Don't forget to vote for Sulawesi Coral Triangle too!!

What's a busy Cleaning Station!!

Is Sipadan always best top dive site in the World??
We here say YES!! How's about YOU??

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