Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today Breaking News!!!

Aldam the boatman in above picture (Lucky guy!!) spotted the Whale Shark at surface of divesite Ribbon Valley 1 but his group of divers was underwater!! He called next another boatman Muwamar whom his divers also underwater nearby. Both of them spent about 30 minutes in the boat with the said shark at surface. Later they waved to Abigail boat coming after dive from Sipadan and was on the way back to SWV resort. The Lucky Abigail group immediately jump into water and snorkeling with it for less then 5 minutes then it swim away!! Poor to another 2 groups that cannot see the Whale Shark but they can view on video show tonight!! Anyway still everyone will try their luck for watching the said shark around the water here this week!!!

This footage of Digital video camera on Snorkeling with Whale Shark taken from Scubazoo video monitor!!
Please take NOTE:- Don't ride on Whale Shark!!
Protect the Whale Sharks!!!

The video original filming by Chris of Scubazoo!!
Lucky guy!!

12 guests was on the boat with Dive Guide Abigail!!

Look how happy she was!! Lucky girl!!

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