Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Marine Environment and Coral Transplant on Artificial Reef"

The above group from Kementerian Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi, Malaysia lead by Dato Abdul Hanan, Dato Dr. Sharifah, Prof Dr. Nor Aieni & Dr. Mohd Zahit with the help of SWV Dive Team transplant corals on artificial reef on 22-26 JAN 2009.

This cement block mark on the area where project site of the Artificial Reefs located in Ribbon Valley 2, Mabul Island.

Artificial Reefs were set on the site where heavy damage by fish bombing before.
Broken pieces of live corals were to attached on the artificial reefs.
SWV had it own transplant corals programme and use death coral as base but never can transplant corals on blasted area or sandy area due to no solid ground.
With these artificial reefs project hope can help bring back live corals in future.
All Divers please be careful when diving on this study site.
Don't touch & remove the artificial reefs.
Please help take pictures, note the date & year when visited this project site.
Send to US or Kementerian for data collection.
THANK YOU for help saving REEFs!!

Ms Zarinah Wahid from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) briefing on Sabah project to KEMENTERIAN group and were witness by Prof. Ridzwan & Dr. Pushpa from UMS.

Group photo after research dives on reefs in Sipadan Island!
Don't worry! Sipadan has it own great healthy REEFs!!
THANK YOU good work of before dive operators long protect it!!!
We just hope the Kementerian to enforce the Rules & Regulations of PROTECTION!
At this moment still NONE of such ACT & enforcement unit!!
BBQ Dinner at SWV Resort!!

TERIMA KASIH Datos, Profs, Dr & staffs from Kementerian Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi. Malaysia and University Malaysia Sabah.
With the above research projects hope can bring back life of Coral Reefs.
We hope can more work together to protect the REEFS!!
THANK YOU from Managements & Staffs of SWV Resort!!

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