Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Photo Week 2006 - Know Your Subject Know Your Friend

Another special segment for Photo Week 2006. One of the typical types of underwater photography involves the use of model divers in the image. This type of images can bring about a sense of being in the water for viewers of the picture. Especially for people who are yet to start diving, if such an image is taken in the right way, it can leave the viewer thinking..."Well, I can do that!! Just like him!". While for a viewer who have already been diving, well, the viewer just know too well how it is to be actually in the water and makes the viewer wishing to be in the water again!

For this segment, we present to all Paradise-Loggers out there how such images can bring about such effects. Enjoy!!

Image by Geri Murphy - Model: Nina

Image by Larry Chan - Model: Jimmy and Mr. Turtle

Image by Vickie Coker - Model: John Lindsey

Image by Michelle Benson - Model: Lee and Mr. Turtle, Jr.

Image by Larry Chan - Model: Lee

Image by Jeff Mitchell - Model: Sam

Image by Finis Williams - Model: Sam

Image by Claire Schilling - Model: Thomas Schilling


Anonymous said...

Keep them coming....brings back great memories! JC

ParadiseLoG said...

Thanks J, there were so many great images, gotta post them in parts!