Saturday, November 25, 2006

25th November 2006

weather: sunny after a short rain early morning
sea condition: calm vis: 10- 20 m

Guides: Jimmy, Jay, Bobby, Lee

Another day of diving, another day of excitement here! Sipadan has been keeping up with its name with its rich and diverse marine life for us to see. In the morning, there were a big school of barracudas with grey reef sharks, white tips, turtles, purple fire goby, pink leaf fish, jacks and giant trevallies, dancing gobies, big napoleon wrasse and schools of batfish, black snapper and unicorn fish.

Macro has been exciting as well today. We managed to see flamboyant cuttlefish, black ray shrimp goby, ring-eyed jawfish, flabellina nudibranch, black sail fin goby, hairy squat lobsters, giant mantis shrimp, blue ribbon eels, pygmy seahorse, soft coral crab, whip coral shrimp and many ornate ghostpipefish.

Sorry for those who expect to see more pictures today cause we were not able to get pictures to be posted here for this entry. Hopefully we are able to get more nice pictures for all Paradise- Loggers out there.


Jit79 said...

You guys manage to see flamboyant cuttlefish.. damm.. was hoping to see that when i was there.
Anyways, had a fantastic trip (2nd - 6th Nov). Thank you!

ParadiseLoG said...

better luck next time jit!

Dive Team