Monday, August 03, 2009

Seadragon Divers Group!!!

This group was from KL new Dive Shop called Seadragon Divers!!

Went dive to Siamil & Danawan Island!!

Was this boat suit for diving??

Here are the Seadragon Divers!!

For more information on dive course & trips please email to

Believe me! Dive with them more FUN & SAFETY!!

Please enjoy view the pictures of Marine Life & Divers too!!

Lady & Gentleman! This is Lynette Yee, Seadragon Divers!!

Sorry those pictures on this blog not taken from LYN

To view her best pictures.....just send her email!!

This blog pictures are from SWV!!

Sorry not much story on this blog due to National internet network & not the line here!!

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