Friday, January 02, 2009

Year 2009 just begin, shall we start work!!!

Below events will held this year at SWV. Come plan early to join!!
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Photofest 2009 - 5th-9th March 2009!!
Let's Ivan Choong share his photo experience together!!
And try out Olympus underwater digital cameras!!
Regatta Lepa Lepa, Semporna 18th-19th April 2009

Come experience our native Sea Bajau traditional wooden carved boat!!

12th Mabul Marine Week - 18th-25th July 2009!!

In a year this was what we asking to care for the REEFs!!

Come let's do the conservation of caring baby coral just this week!!

Let start work clean from the land of Semporna (Semporna Marine Day) then to Mabul or others Island and dive UNDERWATER!!

US Photo Week 2009!!
Come let's hear, see and learn from the famous Pro Photographers!!
Get experience to share your images with the Pro!!
Get the change to try out from SLR to point & shoot cameras or videos!!

Hari Raya Puasa 20th-21st September 2009!!

Experience our warmest Open House during the Hari Raya National wide in Malaysia!!

Christmas & New Year party 2009!!

Don't miss out the games, the dances & win lucky draws!!

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