Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ex-staffs reunion trip 17th-21st Dec 2008!!

Sorry guys for late to post!! Well! this was the 1st trip and will be the 2nd on 2009 & on & on..

Here all the present SWV staffs wishes all the ex-staffs and friends a Happy New Year 2009!!

May all have good health and God's blessing!!


ahtiow said...

Thanks Alex for putting up this video and of course, thanks to Nina for making this video! We all enjoyed very much our reunion trip !! Cheers!

ex-DM Lee

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lee!! Wish that to have of your best of show too!! See you again on 2nd reunion trip!! Happy New Year 2009!!

ParadiseLoG said...

Sorry Lee!! Wish that to have your best of show on this blog too!! Well! Next trip......k!! Good Health & Happy New Year 2009!!

Alex the Great!!