Sunday, July 27, 2008

i found this creature after the sunset dive, on way back after finish my sunset dive...pls help me to publish this picture on the blog...thank you

Photo by: Nathaniel Weiss, found by Bobby.


Anonymous said...

Super cool critter you got there!!!! Amazing find Bob!!

ex-DM Lee

Anonymous said...

Wow! Its so beautiful lah!!
I want to see it!!
Sugoi ne, Bobby san! :)


Anonymous said...

A tiger shrimp! Wohoo!!!

Ninamaro said...

Great find....its a dragon shrimp!
I only saw it twice. Wanted to see again lar... Bobby!! can i request ka? hehehe


Lynette said...

Wow, Bobby!! Awesome find!!

Anonymous said...

BOBBY! Well done!
Please keep this until we come back to Mable from Japan on this September.

Saya mahu mengambil gambar-gambar udang ini. Sampai jumpa lagi!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. We forgot our name on above
Our name is "YASUHIKO&ATSUKO" --last September we met BOBBY first time. This year second time.
We hope your good guiding and we are looking forward to see you again in Mabul.
By the way, this shrimp Japanese call "TOGETSUME EBI". Perhaps we request you, so please remember it.


Anonymous said...

hello everyone, it's me bobby...thanks for all the comments of yours but i was just lucky found the shrimp or maybe just coincidence huh...but i will try my best to find the shrimp again if you guys will come back here and dive with us...
by the way asther lau, it's dragon shrimp huh and i believe you remember that i like to look for shrimp rite..??!!