Sunday, May 04, 2008

Photos by: Sakamoto Koji

Any help identifying this little critter is appreciated, found by Jimmy at Kapalai, about 5mm or less in size.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just to let everyone kind to read on our blog that the nudibranch under Gastropteridae-Psychedelic Sagaminopteron. You all can found under Neville coleman new book of Nudibranchs Encyclopedia page 70. If you haven't got a copy then hurry up because Neville book always limited..Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Lynette! SWV is great as usual, the service is great and the dive guides are always eager and dedicated to show you the best, from giant pelagics and schools of fishes to macro subjects; their great skill in finding them tiny critters and little buggers really is what separates them from the other guides in other places.