Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wish List

Many divers come here with a 'wish list', the special marine life you would like us to find for you. Maybe something you have never seen before or maybe something you want to photograph. When you request HammerHeads or Schooling Manta Rays, we can only hope. But for those macro lovers, we will try our best to meet your requests. Mami san and Mikako san were 2 such divers. 

(Photos by: Ishida Mami)

Pair of Flamboyant Cuttlefish Metasepia pfefferi
White-lined Coralgoby Gobiodon spiolphthalmus
Hairy Squat Lobster Lauriea siagiani
Gold-spec Jawfish Opistognathus sp with eggs in mouth          



Anonymous said...

Wow... two flamboyants. Were they mating?

Anonymous said...

asther, from what I can see fr the pic, 2 possibilities came to my mind:

1) they were kissing =)
2) they were kissing before mating i.e. they were having foreplay }xp

anyhow, we sure hope that they were mating so that there will be more baby flambos in the future for all divers!!

ex-DM Lee