Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Can Find These....!Believe or Not?

As a fish watching guide, we are trained to find small stuff as well. The question is how far our eyes can reach to these "Small Stuff". 5 centimeter or 3 centimeter? Maybe? But the stuffs below are even less than 1.5 centimeter. Believe its or not?

Macro lover always like to search for very small fish. It is one of the challenge. Challenge your own eyes. Once you get to find very small fish, you will feel satisfy. And sometime you will feel proud of yourself.

Juvenile velvetfish

Juvenile cockatoo waspfish

Unidentify nudibranch (if you have name of this nudibranch please share with us)

Juvenile clown frogfish


Anonymous said...

ex-DM Lee:

Great find guys!! and such clear photos of all the 'mini-macro' fish u guys find!! Otsukare sama desu!!

Eirka A said...

They are so small & soooooo cute!!!

I love macro fish, but unfortunately I can't find it by myself...

That's why we need your special macro eyes to enjoy diving!!

Yoroshiku neh!!

Anonymous said...

Wow the juvenite clown frogfish is so cute!! Really miss the diving in Mabul. Hope to see u guys again soon!

and keep the photos coming!


Asther said...

Wow! I've not seen a velvet fish in Mabul yet. Hopefully one day!