Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nice last day pictures

Here's some of the nice pictures that we got during the last day of the trip by 2 groups, one group of Japanese, led by Sano Kentaro and one more group of Italian, led by Giorgio Bravi. Enjoy!!


"I don't want to go back to Japan!!! I want to stay here!!"

"Yes, we are all stuck here!! We won't be going back to Japan!! "
Group members: Sano Kentaro, Nobuka Mie, Ando Emiko, Ishii Chie, Suzuki Atsumi, Naiki Sachiko, Suzuki Akio

Ciao!! Italiano!!
Group members: Giorgio Bravi, Andrea Borghi, Giovanni Merrati, Mapelli Mari, Fedora Marta de Rossi, Vervari Alberto, Mauro Murru, Perri Guido, Bonfanti Marina, Longhi Mauro, Panella Pennati, Rovagnati Manuela

Message from the Italian group for the dive team. Gracie!!

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